the harvest golf club

Marilyn and Andrew / Kelowna Wedding / The Harvest Golf Club


It came through in every picture we took, and was reflected in the laughter and smiles of everyone present; Marilyn and Andrew are so in love! The way that they look at each other says more than I could ever put into words. On their wedding day everything came together perfectly. I was so honored to be a part of their life together and to experience the Joy that they share with everyone around them.

Partner Photographer: Jess Schlamp, Jess and Andy Photography

Hair and Makeup: Kris, Inspirado Mobile Hair and Makeup Designs

Wedding Cake and Cupcakes: Sugar Sweet Cake Co.

Floral Arrangements: Classic Creations

Wedding Officiant: Barbara Cragg, Barbara With Love

Catering and Venue: The Harvest Golf Course

Wedding Music: Caroline Mackay, High Spirits Music